hello and welcome two the 2hiity liittle blog that ii run becau2e ii hate my2elf 2o much that ii needed two flaunt iit around the iinternet wiith piicture2 and 2tupiid a2k re2pon2e2. enjoy your 2tay.
Anonymous sent: speaking as a really bad artist who's been in the ask blog business for a while....*takes a long inhale from a cigarette* i want to say you've got talent there, partner. *stomps cigarette into the dirt* and i hope you continue with your amazing art. stay golden, cowboy.


defiiniitely not twoday

twinarmragedongs sent: u look leik an even more lil bich then b4

Anonymous sent: Jake! There's something really weird happening with Sollux he looks really different now!





Anonymous sent: Pseudotav Mun, can I just say your art style is really cool?

Anonymous sent: is the answer a psuedotav mun

Anonymous sent: OH OH IS IT A BLOG SWAP?